Duration : Mar – Apr, 2017

Districts: Dolakha

Theme: Education, GESI

Quantitative sample : 250 (HH – 190, Student – 60)

Qualitative tools : KII, FGD, I-Stories, School Checklist, Observation

Quantitative Mobile Application : KoboTool

Plan International Nepal and its partner organization CEEPARD implemented ‘Hami Sangasangai’ project for the period from January 2017 to October 2017 in Dolakha. Objectives of the project was to empower school age children with disability and their parents for realization of their rights (especially girls and Dalits). Furthermore, to increase capacity of schools to enroll and retain children with disabilities (especially girls and Dalits) to ensure right to quality education. Lastly, to improve government systems mainly at district and community level to ensure school age children with disability have regular access to education and ECED services through government monitoring and data base system.

Baseline of Hami Sangsangai (We Together) Project

  • Client

    Plan International Nepal / CEEPAARD