Duration : May, 2017 – Apr, 2018

Districts: Nepal and Bangladesh

Theme: Private/Public Sector, Human Resource Management, Finance, Airlines

Quantitative sample : 150

Qualitative tools : Consultative Meeting, KII, FGD, Policy Review, HR Review, Financial Review

Quantitative Mobile Application : N/A

In the global competitive world, it is imperative for any company to keep pace with others in terms of human resources retention and motivation. Salary, perks and benefits are important factors that a company needs to consider for retaining its human resources. NAC recognizes that the company should focus on the current compensation (in terms of salary and benefits) it offers in comparison to other national as well as international airlines. A compensation survey was deemed important for NAC to ensure that the offering and plan of NAC is internally equitable and externally competitive to attract, retain and motivate the employees.

The study’s objective was to administer the survey on salary and benefit package of NAC and other domestic and international airline industry companies to assess the current compensation package. In the domestic airline circuit, the comparison was made with Buddha and Yeti. For administrative comparison, it was made with government entities such as Nepal Rastra Bank, Nepal Oil Corporation, CAAN, Rastriya Beema Sansthan, and Nepal Telecom. Finally for the International airline comparison, it was compared with Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Compensation Study of Nepal Airlines Corporation (Domestic and International)

  • Client

    Nepal Airlines Corporation